Most FAQs

We have an office at out HQ in Kakamega, and other offices in each Area and Scheme

HQ: 0799085696 | 056-02030355

Kakamega Area: 0702378588

The respective  Area/Scheme managers

Respective Area/ Scheme Managers

Visit the office for an application form, fill it, pay Ksh 500/=and Ksh 1500/= at Family bank for meter deposit and survey fee.

3 days subject to availability of meters.

Visit the office for the payment plan

Fill account termination form and request for the deposit, deposit given after 2 weeks

SMS your water account number to 20880

e.g  To  20880   kcwsc  950000 Then Send

Use any one of these methods:

KCB A/C 1273194454

Posta pay  -Any post Office

M-pesa  pay bill 772153

This is a fee put for not honoring the 2 weeks disconnection notice and the 2 days sms reminder to your phone.