Kakamega County Water and Sanitation Company (KACWASCO) is an agency of the County Government of Kakamega and a water service provider; that extracts, produces, transmits and distributes water to the residents of Kakamega County and its environs.

It also collects, conveys and treats wastewater generated in the County. Its activities are regulated by various legislations key among them the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Water Act 2016, the County Water Act 2021, Planning Act, Public Health, EMCA and County Government Act. The services are levied using the tariff as set out and published by the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB).

Strategic Objective

To increase coverage through water and sewerage infrastructure development in the whole county of Kakamega – under the slogan “amatsi khumukuru”, which is a local dialect slogan meaning “water at your doorsteps”.

Customer Centric

We meter our customers to ensure they're levied accordingly in line with the quantity of water measured by the meter from the water source as some of the residents of informal settlements are also served through communal water points and sanitation facilities.

Water as a Basic Human Right

The Constitution recognizes that access to safe and sufficient water is a basic human right under the Bill of Rights. Article 43 of the Constitution provides that every person has the right to reasonable standards of sanitation as well as to clean and safe water in adequate quantities. It has been ascertained that Supportive policy and legislation are needed to anchor the constitutional right to water and ensure sustainable services focusing on the poor and underserved.