Most FAQs

Paying Your Bills

a) M-Pesa Paybill & Your Consumer Account Number

(Please note the correct MPESA Paybill No. as per for the payment you are making, and enter your Water Account correctly to avoid your payment getting into suspense)

1. Paybill No. 772153 – for ALL payments towards Bill Settlement

2.  Paybill No. 883061 – for Payment of Deposit Fee and New Connection Charges

PLEASE NOTE: Paybill No. 882846 – was discontinued on 1st July 2021, and so kindly DO NOT USE IT.

b) Our Bank Account Number

A/c Name: Kakamega County Water & Sanitation Co.

Bank: KCB

Branch: Kakamega

A/c number: 1273194454


Call us on 0799085696 – for any Queries or Complaints.

Call us on 0799085696 – for a new Sewer Connection or Exhauster Services, and also to report all leaks and bursts